Two Weeks

Today marks that in exactly two weeks, my sister will be flying out here to visit me.  She will be arriving two days after my birthday.  I am excited, because this is the first time that a family member has come out to visit me.  It is only going to be for a brief time, but nonetheless I have requested the time off and luckily I have plenty of vacation hours to cover it.

So I came into some money yesterday after selling a few things, and now I am trying to figure out what to do with it.  I want to make a smart purchase.  My sister is flying out here soon, I could use the money for that and do some special things… That is a definite contender.  I could save it towards finishing up my wings tattoo.  I could do nothing at all with it and just save it.  If I do end up spending it, I would like it to be for things that will improve my life.  As tempted as I am by the Tiffany website… I have plenty of Tiffany and would much rather get that as a gift.  I could revamp my wardrobe; I haven’t bought myself a good pair of shoes or any decent clothes in years.  And by clothes, I mean clothes, not jackets, not hoodies.  I always have no qualms with buying those.  I need new shorts, skirts, pants, blouses… Hm.  I have some favorite sites online, such as Heavy Red… I love their stuff, but it is pricey and normally I wouldn’t spend the money on it.  I have one hoodie from them which I love but that’s it.  I could get those dark ash brown highlights I want.  I know that I have been wanting to get myself some serious skincare products.

I don’t know.  I will think it over for awhile…



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