How The Mall Forces Me To Go To Cartier (well, not really)

I made a snobby decision the other day.

Frank and I were out having a lovely lunch, and we decided to sit at the bar instead of at a table, since the wait was alot shorter.  I had this girl that was sitting to the right of me, and not that I am judging, but she stunk of weed, so her and her friend must have just blazed before they came to eat.  Makes sense, but peeyuu!  Anyway, so as I looked over at her to determine whether it was her or someone else, I noticed that she was wearing a “return to Tiffany” oval tag necklace in sterling silver.  I have the same exact piece.  I dunno… I looked at it, and realized that, yep… Tiffany’s is now at my local mall, and as awesome as it was at first, now everyone is wearing Tiffany.  I suddenly felt a bit sad and realized that it might be quite awhile before I put that necklace back on.

Same thing as Coach.  LOVE Coach.  But… it is freaking EVERYWHERE.  Ugh.  I have a really nice Coach bag that Frank got for me a few years ago, and that will probably be the only Coach I ever use nowadays, because of the funny story that led up to him buying that particular bag for me.  Otherwise… I dunno.

It sucks.  I don’t want things that a bajillion subruban moms and their daughters have.  I understand that there will be some people, but wow there are way too many folks with freaking Tiffany silver, Coach bags with the C’s all over them, and those dang Louis Vuittons with the LV monogram.  Gah!  (shakes fist at the mall)


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