I am a shitty blogger. 


Just finished a six day stretch of working.  The last 3 days involved me getting up before the sun had even woke up.  Sucked.  Sucked so bad.  But I made it through.  Now I am looking forward to the weekend off.  Can you believe it?  Saturday AND Sunday.  That is near impossible in the retail world.  And yet, lucky me, I have it.  I just hope that I can make it last as long as I can.  I always seem to feel that my days off fly by.  One daylong blur. 

So I got off of work at 3:15 this afternoon.  I gassed up my car, and plan on sitting online in front of the tv and not doing much else. 

My coworkers invited me to dinner tomorrow, which I will go… Not sure for how long I will stay, but I will show up for sure.  The only other thing that I plan on doing is going to Tiffany’s and quite possibly buying another piece of jewelry.  Frank made a comment about that, but I can’t help that my birthday is in February, and that my tax return shows up in March… If my birthday and the arrival of my tax refund were spaced further apart, I doubt I would hear anything about buying something. 

On Sunday, we might be hanging out with someone new.  We will see about that.

What I know I am going to do for sure is do some yoga Wii on Saturday and Sunday.  I am also going to wear some perfume (not allowed to wear that at work).  I will pop on a couple of rings (I stopped wearing those at work too, I beat them up really bad at work) for sure.  And I am going to wear clothes that are comfy warm and cute. 

And hopefully slow down the speed of time.


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