Broke As A Joke

So my boyfriend has been holding my credit card for me since January (except for 3 trips to the mechanic and a ticket to NJ).  Good thing he is, because yesterday as I was booking tickets, I was sorely tempted to buy something I don’t need.

I know it might seem confusing… I have been flitting in and out of Tiffany’s for months, how could I have no money?

Well, first off, I got a lovely black titanium and rubber bracelet from my boyfriend for Christmas.  Then I got the Rubedo bar pendant for my birthday from my mum.  Then, after two exchanges, finally settled on a San Francisco cable car charm that Uncle Sam bought me.  So it was all things that were gifted to me.  I really do not have any money…

I thought when I paid off my braces, that I would have an extra $132 and change a month.  Well… I haven’t seen that money come back to me yet.  Then again, I bought a Tiffany bracelet off of Bonanza, and also paid off my oil change for my car in full… That’s probably where it went.  I had overestimated how much money I had in the bank and got the bracelet, and I really wanted to pay off at least my first out of the three visits to my mechanic in full…

Right now, I am struggling to save for my trip to NJ at the end of June.  I really would prefer to NOT use my credit card… Hopefully I will have about $200 saved by the time I am ready to go to NJ.  I have to drive down to Delaware to see my nephew, and either I am getting a rental car, or my sister is lending me her car. Either way, that is going to cost me.  I also am planning to take the train to NYC for the day… So I am going to need to plan out my finances the best that I can.

I don’t mind living on less.  I just need to get used to it.  I leaned far too heavily on my credit card; I got used to driving to San Francisco and not thinking about the cost of gas and parking.  I got used to buying little things here and there with my bank card, like cupckaes, or a magazine… But all of that has to go.  At least, it can’t happen with nearly as much frequency as it used to.  I am okay with that.  I just need to plan.

The first thing I do when I get paid is pay as many bills as I can and as long as I am left with $60 for the week, I am good.  I hand over my tip money to Frank every Monday, which I just started with this past Monday’s tips.  Those tips are going towards my NJ trip.  I CANNOT spend them, and if I give them to Frank, I know I won’t spend them.  When it is my turn to buy a meal out for us, I am sticking to going out once, and only within my budget.  This week, after gas ($20) and the chiropractor ($15), I have $25 left for the week.  I probably will do something like Chipotle…  Then that way, I can pick up more bread and jelly for my pb&j sammiches, as well as creamer so that I stick to making coffee at home.

I would love to see The Raven this coming Tuesday… But, I do not have the funds for it.  Maybe next week, because I only go to the chiropractor every two weeks… And also, I am not buying our meal out next week, so I will be able to get more groceries too.

And that’s it.  It isn’t easy, and I don’t like being constantly mindful of my money… But that is the way it is… I will have to pay off my credit card with my investments which I don’t like doing, but I HAD to get my car repaired, and there is just no way that I am going to be able to pay off my credit card bill in a timely fashion… My mum is being generous enough to reimburse me for my flight out to NJ… In a way, when I know I have no money left, it is a bit of a relief… I don’t have to worry, Because I have no money to worry over!


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