My yoga commitment and new books!

My first real day off in ages.  And I still had shit to do today. :). I was going to attend a yoga practice today, but the power yoga class I went to yesterday did alot of good and I really needed a day to stay at home and chill. 

Still working on my Athleta pants. I went to Lucy yesterday and bought a pair of crops and the salesgirl suggested I get a size smaller. I was going to buy a medium but decided on a small. I am going to try them again and see if I want to go back and get the medium. The smalls fit. I just hope I lose the damn weight. I sent my Athleta pants back for a medium instead of the large I had. Oi!

I am going to give yoga a year to try to  improve myself. I need this to work. The yoga studio is doing a special offer of $50 a month for unlimited yoga and I need to go there at least 3 times a week. I am beginning to really enjoy yoga.  I really hope this works. I need to get stronger and hopefully lose weight.

I tried out the two Gaiam videos and so far I like them. One is a flow yoga and the other one is a daily yoga. 

I discovered three new books that are either already out or are coming out soon. Excited! I actually am looking forward to reading these, and I haven’t been able to say that in quite awhile. The first one is titled “Dare Me”, and it looks quite intriguing. The second book is titled “The Age Of Miracles” is a blend of Science fiction and drama and that could be awesome or crappie; who knows. The third one is titled “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” and is about an unhinged housewife. I’m in.

how do i look?

Bunch of various reviews on various Yoga stuffs

I have been trying my best to attend as many yoga classes as I can with my Groupon.  There are a few different types of yoga that they do at the studio that I go to ( ) and so far the hot power yoga is the hardest, and the yoga soup is also hard, but at least it isn’t in a heated room, thank goodness.  I like this studio; granted, it is the first actual yoga-only studio I have ever practiced at, but I really do like it.  The vibe is really good, I am very comfortable here.  Once my Groupon runs out I am going to do the whole nine yards and get the one year of unlimited yoga.  I get it for a special price of 50% off… I just can’t beat that.

I am almost complete with my clothes for my practice.  I just need one top from one more place and then I will have a top and pants from my three favorite clothing shops that sell this sort of stuff.

Lucy is located the closest to me.  I have a pair of their power core knee pant, and they are awesome.  There is no shine when they stretch, they compress me and smooth me out without making me look like something I am not… and NO muffin top!  Yay!  They are already starting to pill a bit where my inner thighs touch, but hey, I got big thighs, what can I do?  They rub together.  Due to the fact that they ae so compressive, they are my heaviest pants… But it doesn’t seem to be an issue when I do hot yoga.

Lululemon has a showroom in Sacramento, which is like a “test” shop to see if it is worth their time and effort to set up shop.  I went into that showroom and loved it.  The only carried a limited amount of clothes, but there was enough there for me to know what my sizing is (an 8! yes!) and to determine if their pants would give me muffin top or not.  I ended up buying my top and crops from The Dailey Method in Roseville because they had a Lulu sale and I HATE paying full price unless I have to.  I went to a full fledged Lulu shop in San Francisco this past Saturday, and it was pretty awesome.  I saw so many things I wanted… I still want the Bliss yoga bag, even though I am using the Lulu bag my sis sent me.  I am just a bag whore.  🙂  I ended up buying the Un Mat.  It is a super thin, no cushion yoga mat but I discovered, surprisingly, that I like the super thin mats (plus they are more compact and light for me to carry).  Lulu doesn’t take back opened mats (which is lame Lululemon! Lame!), but luckily they had a demo Un Mat for me to try a few poses in.  I was sold.  For a company that makes running and yoga clothes, they also know how to make a pretty damn good yoga mat.  They popped my mat into a reusable tote that was black with the word POSER on it, which I got a kick out of.

Then I went to Athleta, which is a store that is even more limited in terms of where there are actual shops… the closest shop is in San Francisco.  I had ordered a pair of pants and a top from them online, and the top didn’t fit, so I planned on exchanging it at the actual brick and mortar.  This was also a very cool shop.  They offered me and Frank these fun flavored icy cold waters and they had a huge bowl of Luna bars free for the taking.  Even though they weren’t supposed to exchange my top (i discovered that they can’t exchange/return sale items if they don’t have it in store), they totally honored it for me no problem once they realized that I had misunderstood the policy I read online.  I tried on like a million clothes here.   What I noticed is that depending on the garment, the size that was right for me changed.  That concerned me.  For example, the top that I had gotten online was a M and was too big.  A S was perfect.  But in another top I tried, a S was too small, and the M was perfect.  Hm.  Customer serice was great here, and they also put their clothes in a cute reusable purple and silver tote with their logo on it.

I have also discovered that with these three clothing companies, my purple/violet/lavender/fuschia obsession may get out of hand.

Just got my dvds and yoga props from Gaoiam in the mail today.  Once I have checked these dvds out I will provide some feedback on them.


what the hell, lululemon?

I am so confused by lululemon.  I honestly thought I had ordered a gift card for my mom. Apparently not. I unknowingly spent the money on extra gas (I was quite low after driving to sac and of course the gas prices skyrocketed), a dress from goodwill, and a couple of meals.

I am pissed that I didn’t check my bank account to make sure it went through. I could have sworn that I got a confirmation email.

Oh well. I wanted to buy my mom’s present without using my credit card but I guess not.

And this is why I want this over the ipad.


The BlackBerry PlayBook – what I believe to be the best tablet on the market today. Before you scoff at it and say this isn’t true, read on.

After being released in April 2011, the PlayBook had hardware specs that rivaled some of the higher end devices, however it definitely did not appear to be “future-proof”, meaning its processor speeds, memory, apps, and features had the potential to be out-of-date before it even went on sale. A year later, RIM has not released a hardware update (though one is likely coming soon with 4G capabilities) because the specs on the original model are still good enough to power the incredible QNX workforce OS. If you don’t know who or what QNX is, do a quick Google search, they do too much to list here and are more concentrated in our daily lives that anyone cares to investigate or believe.


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okay, so i no longer have any money to spend. i am currently saving my tips to have some money to go to nj with. i just ordered a pair of yoga pants that i am going to return as soon as i get them because i didn’t pay with cash, i paid with credit card.  after all the effort that i have been making to not use my credit card, i feel too guilty using it now.  other than visiting the mechanic three times, i haven’t used my credit card since december.  sigh.

the good news is that my sister is kindly sending me a lululemon yoga bag that she never uses, and so that is pretty cool.  i am just pissed that i only have one pair of pants to go to yoga in. i guess i will have to febreeze them if i don’t have time to wash them.

been a shitty day off.  realized that i am not losing weight, despite my efforts with healthier food and exercise, and that i can’t afford to buy any nice yoga stuff or even a $5 movie.