okay, so i no longer have any money to spend. i am currently saving my tips to have some money to go to nj with. i just ordered a pair of yoga pants that i am going to return as soon as i get them because i didn’t pay with cash, i paid with credit card.  after all the effort that i have been making to not use my credit card, i feel too guilty using it now.  other than visiting the mechanic three times, i haven’t used my credit card since december.  sigh.

the good news is that my sister is kindly sending me a lululemon yoga bag that she never uses, and so that is pretty cool.  i am just pissed that i only have one pair of pants to go to yoga in. i guess i will have to febreeze them if i don’t have time to wash them.

been a shitty day off.  realized that i am not losing weight, despite my efforts with healthier food and exercise, and that i can’t afford to buy any nice yoga stuff or even a $5 movie.


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