Yoga In The Park

The new titanium collar has its pros and cons.  The cons are that it is slightly thicker (the thicker diameter makes it harder to wear other necklaces with it, which sorta sucks… makes me wonder how long I will wear this one if I can’t wear anything else) and heavier.  The pros are that it gives me alot more breathing room, it is still lighter than steel ( my boyfriend commented on how heavy it was… I need to check the weight again with Eternity Collars), it is less bright then my aluminum one, and Eternity Collars have finally improved their collar finishing skills. 

I did a free Yoga In The Park with a friend yesterday.  It was different; believe it or not, this was my first yoga class outside.  It was a vinyasa flow class, so it was quite a good workout and we really enjoyed ourselves.  I would catch a whiff from the huge rose bed that we were practicing in front of, and that made it pretty interesting.  I would definitely do it again, but it is held in a park in Sacramento, which is 30 minutes or so away from my house, and it is 9am, soooo if I am in the area, then sure. 

I have been thinking about the Bikram class that I took a couple of weeks ago.   I think that if I make the effort to save, I can go once in awhile.  I am not sure though.  It is a very strenuous class, and it would totally depend on how well rested I was.  They offer a $5 class every Friday at 4:30, so if I can ever make that one, then maybe.  For example, I work until 4:30 this Friday, and if there was the small chance that I got off by 4, I could make it, but I wonder if I could do a Bikram class after working my butt off at Starbucks all day.  Would I want to push it?  I guess I could try.  I still like my hot yoga better.  But, I have trouble making the 9am class.  Either I am tired, and need to sleep, or I am working.  Annoying.  For example, I am off tomorrow, but we have a dog eye injury issue, so we need to call the animal eye center at 9am when it opens to see if they can manage to get us in tomorrow.  Important as that is, once again I miss another hot yoga class.  See what I mean?




my new collar


This is why I need a bracelet without the cotton tassel. This looks gross.

Monday Musings

I had Frank unscrew the aluminum stealth collar off of me last night.  It is a tad too snug.  It is fine for working and so on, but I have difficulty working out in it. I currently have a titanium one on its way to me now… I love that Eternity Collars has their eternal exchange program.  It only cost me a few extra dollars to get the titanium collar.  I am getting it one inch larger than my current collar, which should provide plenty of space for me.  Amazing how yoga has changed my jewelry wearing habits.

I also had Frank clip the mermaid charm off of my charm bracelet.  I hesitated doing it for quite a while, but when the mermaid charm tore a hole in one of my favorite tees, and when it caught in the chain strap of my purse as I was fumbling for my phone, I realized that I had to take it off my charm bracelet.  My sister got it for me; I am sad that I cannot wear it on my bracelet, but I will make it a pendant. 

I am going back to a contract phone after nearly a year of no contract.  Verizon has come out with a new plan and I am going to be on a family plan with Frank and his dad.  It will only cost me $55 a month.  I am psyched.  I will still have a Blackberry, but one with a much improved camera… I got it in today, but we need to port my number back so hopefully that won’t take too long tomorrow…



Inspired by some gorgeous greens that are glowing dangerously on the display at the moment, I decided to design an over the top bracelet worthy of a glam, fairytale vixen… (the bad guys always have such enviable style, don’t they?)

I recalled that “Snowflake Obsidian” looked edgy and cool in Trollbeads “Urban Jungle” design… and here, surrounded by other snake references it feels just a little reptilian.  Smooth yet mottled, it adds cool texture to the design, and of course a touch of black.

The verso side of the “Noh Mask” from Japan’s World Tour collection is fierce and menacing.  It’s also a nod to iconic theatrical villains, which are at the heart of the bracelet’s inspiration.  The glow and bubbles of the silver trace feel like potion, or something out of an evil lab….

“Black Flower Mosaic” has the one-two punch of feeling “snakey” and also offering a nice…

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Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy

I love street fashion, most of my inspiration comes from street outfit snaps and trends. I appreciate runway and couture styles and designers, but the real avant garde stuff is never strutting a catwalk, it’s darting between shops in a cool neighbourhood or posing with friends at a chic dive bar.

I came across this Edwardian Street Style article this week and thought any of you who love street styles might like to see it also. It’s so fascinating to see what people were wearing in their daily lives. I confess to coveting most of these outfits.

More Edwardian fashion here!


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The Collar Project

I had my collar put back on last night. Been wanting to wear it again for awhile, but I couldn’t find the blasted allen key. Luckily my other half is into tools, and he found the appropriate size key.
This was a special order at the time. I got it about 2 years ago, maybe more. I originally had a steel collar, but it quite heavy and it was also thicker in diameter and I wasn’t comfortable with the weight bearing down on my neck. Ring Of Steel ( was starting out making aluminum Stealth collars. I asked if he could make me a 1/4″ aluminum Stealth. And this is it. I forget the size, but I sometimes wonder if I should have gotten the next size up.
I was especially thinking that today in my yoga class during certain poses when my neck was flexed it seemed that the collar was too tight… But, after awhile, I no longer noticed it so maybe its all good. I think I can live with it.
By the way, Ring Of Steel is FAR superior to Eternity Collars. His stuff is way way way better made, hands down.

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