Recently, my Manduka ProLite  yoga mat has been failing on me. My hands and feet have been slipping while in downdog. It’s been hard to maintain my balance in Virabhadrasana II when I feel like I’m going to collapse. Granted, I know there are far worse struggles going on in the world, but if you don’t feel safe and balanced on your yoga mat, how can you expect to feel safe and balanced off the mat and in the world?

I turned to Facebook to see what types of mats my yoga teachers and friends were using. I found out some interesting things:

1) Most yogis have more than one yoga mat. Doh! This never, ever occurred to me. I love my purple Manduka so why on earth would I need/want others?

2) There seems to be a Jade vs Manduka thing going on. Some prefer the spongey feel of the Jade while…

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