Yoga In The Park

The new titanium collar has its pros and cons.  The cons are that it is slightly thicker (the thicker diameter makes it harder to wear other necklaces with it, which sorta sucks… makes me wonder how long I will wear this one if I can’t wear anything else) and heavier.  The pros are that it gives me alot more breathing room, it is still lighter than steel ( my boyfriend commented on how heavy it was… I need to check the weight again with Eternity Collars), it is less bright then my aluminum one, and Eternity Collars have finally improved their collar finishing skills. 

I did a free Yoga In The Park with a friend yesterday.  It was different; believe it or not, this was my first yoga class outside.  It was a vinyasa flow class, so it was quite a good workout and we really enjoyed ourselves.  I would catch a whiff from the huge rose bed that we were practicing in front of, and that made it pretty interesting.  I would definitely do it again, but it is held in a park in Sacramento, which is 30 minutes or so away from my house, and it is 9am, soooo if I am in the area, then sure. 

I have been thinking about the Bikram class that I took a couple of weeks ago.   I think that if I make the effort to save, I can go once in awhile.  I am not sure though.  It is a very strenuous class, and it would totally depend on how well rested I was.  They offer a $5 class every Friday at 4:30, so if I can ever make that one, then maybe.  For example, I work until 4:30 this Friday, and if there was the small chance that I got off by 4, I could make it, but I wonder if I could do a Bikram class after working my butt off at Starbucks all day.  Would I want to push it?  I guess I could try.  I still like my hot yoga better.  But, I have trouble making the 9am class.  Either I am tired, and need to sleep, or I am working.  Annoying.  For example, I am off tomorrow, but we have a dog eye injury issue, so we need to call the animal eye center at 9am when it opens to see if they can manage to get us in tomorrow.  Important as that is, once again I miss another hot yoga class.  See what I mean?




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