Bikram class #2

Even though I had been out of the hot yoga loop for 3 weeks and yoga in general for 2, I did better than expected.  Though this time, I did sit out a few poses.  I would feel slightly lightheaded but my face would get HOT.  I was concerned about that more than the light feeling…

I had a different teacher this time, and I liked that he opened an exit door at one end of the room for a bit, and then would cross to the other side and open that door for a little bit.  He did that twice during the practice.  I really appreciated that he allowed fresh air into the class… It made a huge difference.  During final savasana, I tried to lie down for 5 minutes in order to reap the most benefit from the intensity of the class.  I also decided to take advantage of their showers.  They are so nice!  All of the shower products are from Origins, which is faanc-cy.  I took advantage of that.  Only problem is that I didn’t bring a bath towel… I had to suck it up and use my icky yoga towel.  OMG that is all I have to say about THAT. 

I will be going for my 3rd class tomorrow morning at 9.  I am going to get up at 7:30 in order to make sure that I grab a snack and hydrate and give it time to settle.  I am planning to hit up my last class for the week on Saturday.  That class is at 8am.  Ugh.

My goal is to practice Bikram 3 times a week.  Anything more might whack me out, anything less will not be as beneficial. 

Man I hope I can do it tomorrow.

I am going to need a bigger water bottle

Starting bikram tomorrow. I have done it before, and i will continue to do it. I need the intensity. I have been doing yoga on average 3 days a week, and i think it is time for bikram. 

Today i will search for a bigger water bottle. My 16oz one, though it is glass and i love it, is not going to cut it. 

I was going to go to a bikram class today, but i woke up at 6:45am yesterday and spent the whole day running around in San Francisco celebrating my 7 year anniversary with my boyfriend.  to say the least, i am exhausted. But i am definitely going tomorrow. 

I am very excited about the prospect of my local bikram helping out the yoga studio that i used to go to. I really liked having music with my hot yoga and i am glad that i will have a choice between different styles of yoga. I am sure that if you overdo anything, then anything is bad for you. I feel that bikram 3 days a week might help me. If it doesn’t then at least i tried.

Bikram Truth

Thank you, Lincoln Yoga for your comment.  I would gratefully accept the grace period so that I can see if a combination of vinyasa and Bikram will work for me. 

The truth is… I am scared that the heat will get the best of me.  I am scared that I will collapse one day because I didn’t prep myself right for a Bikram class.  The truth is that I really WANT to incorporate Bikram into my yoga practice, but I am scared that I won’t be able to, and then I will be stuck.

So yea, I am nervous.  I guess I will just sit if I can’t take it, and see what happens.

Okay, NO on Bikram

I just emailed my former yoga studio.  At first, I said yes to going to Bikram.  But… I really don’t want to go to Bikram… I want my usual hot yoga.

Man, I am pissed that my fave yoga studio closed.

I really hope that she gets my email and discontinues my automatic debit withdrawl.  I guess if I see a charge on the 20th, I will know to go get it straightened out.

I really really wish I could handle the Bikram.  It is ok, but it is not my first choice in yoga.  I like the vinyasa stuff.


For a day I was psyched to  be going to a yoga studio so close to home.  But… I much rather drive a bit further to try out a new one.  I really hope I like it…


Today I received the very sad news that my favorite yoga studio, Shrikula Yoga, has closed.  Minus.  Big, big, minus.

I did receive the good news that the former owner of Shrikula will be teaching at the Bikram yoga place in my town.  So, right off the bat, I will have some of my familiar classes starting on the 17th with familiar faces.  Plus.

The one class that I did a few weeks ago was very challenging.  In my personal opinion, I will need to be VERY prepared.  If I am not, I feel like I would die in the Bikram class.  Minus.

What I liked about Shrikula is that it felt like what I assume a yoga studio should feel like.  I felt like I could hang out there even I wasn’t hitting up a yoga class.  I might be able to do that at this Bikram.  We will see.  Even though Shrikula was physically grueling, I felt that it had a strong spiritual vibe. I didn’t feel that at the Bikram class I went to.  Minus.

It will be alot closer.  Like, I could bike or walk to it. Though, with how grueling the Bikram classes are, I have a feeling that I will be driving to those.  Plus.

I will still be paying my awesome rate of $50 a month for at least 4 more months or so.  That will give me time to decide if I want to pay the $79 a month rate.  If they keep a mix of Bikram and non Bikram, then yes.  If not, then I am going to give Veera Yoga in Roseville a try.

Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy

Photo by Thomas Moore

Deep in London’s enormous Hyde Park Cemetery an informal pet’s cemetery briefly operated at the end of the 1800s. Row upon row of tiny tombstones mark the graves of beloved pets and companions. Now closed off to the public, this eerie memorial sits beyond iron fences out of reach.

There’s a fantastic article on the history of the cemetery at the link below, how it started as a garden cared for by a single individual and grew to house approximately 300 graves!

The Pet Cemetery of Hyde Park.


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Headaches and tiredness

Woke up with a headache at 8am today, but i made it to my hot yoga class. It was tough for me and i lost my patience a few times. 

I also unscrewed my collar. I wasnt sure where the headache was coming from so i wanted to remove whatever controlling factors. I also took advil, drank water, and the headache still lingered. Damn. 

Off to bed now. I have to be up by 8am again for a foundations of flow class, then a short 6 hour shift and then home.

Pissed that i had to unscrew my collar, but until my headache is gone it is going to irk me.