Today I received the very sad news that my favorite yoga studio, Shrikula Yoga, has closed.  Minus.  Big, big, minus.

I did receive the good news that the former owner of Shrikula will be teaching at the Bikram yoga place in my town.  So, right off the bat, I will have some of my familiar classes starting on the 17th with familiar faces.  Plus.

The one class that I did a few weeks ago was very challenging.  In my personal opinion, I will need to be VERY prepared.  If I am not, I feel like I would die in the Bikram class.  Minus.

What I liked about Shrikula is that it felt like what I assume a yoga studio should feel like.  I felt like I could hang out there even I wasn’t hitting up a yoga class.  I might be able to do that at this Bikram.  We will see.  Even though Shrikula was physically grueling, I felt that it had a strong spiritual vibe. I didn’t feel that at the Bikram class I went to.  Minus.

It will be alot closer.  Like, I could bike or walk to it. Though, with how grueling the Bikram classes are, I have a feeling that I will be driving to those.  Plus.

I will still be paying my awesome rate of $50 a month for at least 4 more months or so.  That will give me time to decide if I want to pay the $79 a month rate.  If they keep a mix of Bikram and non Bikram, then yes.  If not, then I am going to give Veera Yoga in Roseville a try.


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