Okay, NO on Bikram

I just emailed my former yoga studio.  At first, I said yes to going to Bikram.  But… I really don’t want to go to Bikram… I want my usual hot yoga.

Man, I am pissed that my fave yoga studio closed.

I really hope that she gets my email and discontinues my automatic debit withdrawl.  I guess if I see a charge on the 20th, I will know to go get it straightened out.

I really really wish I could handle the Bikram.  It is ok, but it is not my first choice in yoga.  I like the vinyasa stuff.


For a day I was psyched to  be going to a yoga studio so close to home.  But… I much rather drive a bit further to try out a new one.  I really hope I like it…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bikram Yoga Lincoln (@YogaLincoln)
    Aug 09, 2012 @ 08:26:04

    Melinda, You are not automatically going to begin getting charged at Bikram Yoga Lincoln. We need your approval to begin that process. On the 17th of this month Trish is going to begin teaching Vinyasa style classes at the studio. We will be addding about 6 classes a week to our schedule. There will be a grace period for you to try out the studio once we bring these classes on board. Hope you give it a try and see if it is a good fit. – Dave “silent” partner Bikram Yoga Lincoln.


    • Ocean Muse Designs
      Aug 09, 2012 @ 19:19:02

      Thank you! So what would I need to do? I told Trish to cancel my automatic payments because I wasn’t sure. I would greatly appreciate a grace period to try out your studio so that I can see if it will fit me. When does the grace period start and end? Thank you.


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