Bikram class #2

Even though I had been out of the hot yoga loop for 3 weeks and yoga in general for 2, I did better than expected.  Though this time, I did sit out a few poses.  I would feel slightly lightheaded but my face would get HOT.  I was concerned about that more than the light feeling…

I had a different teacher this time, and I liked that he opened an exit door at one end of the room for a bit, and then would cross to the other side and open that door for a little bit.  He did that twice during the practice.  I really appreciated that he allowed fresh air into the class… It made a huge difference.  During final savasana, I tried to lie down for 5 minutes in order to reap the most benefit from the intensity of the class.  I also decided to take advantage of their showers.  They are so nice!  All of the shower products are from Origins, which is faanc-cy.  I took advantage of that.  Only problem is that I didn’t bring a bath towel… I had to suck it up and use my icky yoga towel.  OMG that is all I have to say about THAT. 

I will be going for my 3rd class tomorrow morning at 9.  I am going to get up at 7:30 in order to make sure that I grab a snack and hydrate and give it time to settle.  I am planning to hit up my last class for the week on Saturday.  That class is at 8am.  Ugh.

My goal is to practice Bikram 3 times a week.  Anything more might whack me out, anything less will not be as beneficial. 

Man I hope I can do it tomorrow.


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