this is halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday, without question. It is the only time of year that anything morbid, dark, macabre, evil, frightening, or whatever you call it is ok and even encouraged.
I love it.
It is the only time that I am accepted.
I love the beauty of the dark. The occult has always appealed to me… I blame it on the Grimm fairy tales that my mum read to me.
And I am ok with that.

happy halloween to me


hell night


Funk's House of Geekery

Even before the new season of Dexter kicked off there was one thing that was clear to many viewers: it needed to end. Not that it was a bad show or that it had gone bad, but it was simply time. Again and again we’ve seen beloved shows continue past their use by date and end on a sour note. Dexter has been a great show, strong in writing and performance that wasn’t afraid to toe the line of taste and morality. But now it has to stop. This is why.

#8 Ratings Are on the Decline

Not that this ever reason alone to cancel a show, especially one that is starting out such as Firefly and Community. Dexter, however, is entering it’s seventh year. Seasons 4 and 5 saw the highest ratings that Showtime has ever seen, and it’s the ninth highest rated show of the past…

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Funk's House of Geekery

So Halloween is upon us. Or as it is better known to geeks: epic horror movie marathon time! Naturally we’ve been celebrating this holiday with plenty of features about horror, and decided to put together a list of the best horror movie villains there is. Then we remembered that every geek website on the internet has done the exact same thing and nobody will care.

So we’ve decided to dig into our brains and find those lesser known beasts who make us check under the bed before going to sleep. Maybe you’ve heard of them but never taken the time to see the movie, maybe you’re about to discover you’re new favourite horror movie. At the least you’re getting some great holiday viewing suggestions.

Funk’s Pick – Hans Beckert from M

Hans Beckert

Hans Becket is the original cinematic psychopath, predating Norman Bates by three decades. The German Expressionist legend behind Metropolis…

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NOT a friend application Part 1

i am not tossing out friend applications, but i just wanted to clarify some stuff about me.

I will buy expensive shit at times. I wont toss it in peoples faces, but i will wear it. I mix expensive with cheap all the time. I hate being judged for it. So dont. 

I can listen to Led Zeppelin, trance techno, and Misfits in one sitting. It would be nice if others were into that kind of combo too. Oh and Acumen Nation is awesome. If you have heard of them, please message me. If not, get your mitts on a copy. If you need help with that, let me know.

As i am growing older, the point of looking pretty is fading fast. I have more important concerns like losing this old lady/ post smoker weight. And i much rather look badass than pretty.

I dunno. Maybe more later.Image


i love Oscar Wilde

Saved myself $15 by taking a pic instead

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