Almost There!

Today I have gone to three bikram classes so far.  I am going tomorrow at 9am, and then I will have FINALLY done 4 in one week!  It is funny to me how hard it is to get my butt to the yoga studio more than 3 times a week.  Jeez.  Today was a tough class.  I had to be up by 5am today, at work by 6.  I had a terrible nights sleep.  I got off of work 45 minutes early, so I went home, chilled, and eventually fell asleep for nearly 2 hours, maybe more, I have no idea.  All I know is that my tablet woke me up at 6, and I dragged my butt to yoga.  I had to sit out a few poses, but I am glad I showed up.

I made the decision to email my fave VCA store in Florida that I am not going to buy the piece I wanted.  I am sorta frustrated about it… I had the money for it and everything… and then Maggie got sick and had to be at the vet for two nights and Frank doesn’t have the kind of credit card limit that I do, so I had to pay for all of it.  So all of my money that I made by selling off some bags and jewelry is going to pay off for her care.  I won’t be seeing any money from Frank until he gets his tax return, and yep I get all of it, which I sorta feel bad, but  Maggie’s issue was THAT expensive.  I briefly considered just getting the piece anyway, but I told myself no more dipping into funds I don’t have.  Hopefully my tax return and Frank’s will be enough to get what I was going to get.  I will consider it my late birthday gift when the time comes. 

The annoying thing is that I am going to have to wait 6 – 7 months and I am not the most patient person.  Welp, that is how its going to be, unless I win the lottery or something.  It will be good for me to wait.  I will appreciate it more. 

Gotta do a 9am bikram class tomorrow, go home and chill, then go to work and do a closing shift.  Then I am looking forward to Saturday off.  I am determined to not be stuck running around all day.  I am going to be baking my infamous vegan chocolate cupcakes with vegan buttercream frosting (i assure you they are delicious) for our breast cancer awareness bake sale on Sunday, having a nice lunch/dinner with Frank, and going to a jewelry show that a friend is hosting.  And that is it.  And that is perfectly good for me. 

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