I didn’t go to yoga and I am cool with that.

I did not go to yoga today, and I am glad I didn’t.  I didn’t sleep so well last night, and when I woke up at 8, I physically knew that I did not want to work out before doing a closing shift.  I don’t feel bad; I know that I am trying to go 4 times a week, but if I don’t feel good, then I don’t feel good and that is all there is to it.

I am currently trying real hard to not buy something that I cannot afford.  I won’t have any money for a luxury purchase until tax return season.  I just emailed my VCA SA last night, and got that monkey off of my back.  Now I am eyeballing a really killer Coach bag that I can get for a good discount.  It is a limited edition, and I really like it.  The  VCA necklace will still be around; this bag will not.  This bag is also more than half the price of the necklace… Gah!!! 

Ah screw it.  I can’t afford this crap.  It’s freaking made in China.  Everytime I go to look at the bag, I remind myself that it is made in China.  I recently bought and am still rehabbing a lovely Coach Helen’s Legacy duffle bag that I got for $35 that new would cost $348.  The difference is that this one is made in the U.S.  and quite frankly, it is awesome quality that I do not see in the Coach bags made in China. 

So I accomplished this today:


I FINALLY put this green sticker on my car that I swiped from the Inkwell coffeehouse from my last trip to NJ FOUR MONTHS AGO.  How sad is that?  I also finally put my pink coveted mermaid Santa Cruz sticker on that one of my beloved coworkers found for me when she was galavanting around S.C.  I think that was two months ago?  This is why I need time to be at home.  The only time I am usually ever at home is when I have to be sleeping, or I am too pooped to go anywhere.  And when i am too pooped to go anywhere, I am also too pooped to get stuff done, like watering my orchids or putting loved stickers on my car. 

I still feel kinda strange, not the strange that I was feeling for a few days there (thank goodness THAT is subsiding), but just not resting and eating right feeling.  I am filling up on semi-nutritious foods and drinks right now. 


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