Monday was my last day off.  I felt great.  I went to the dentist, went to yoga, the usual stuff.  Then Tuesday shows up and I feel ok.  Then Wednesday shows up and I have a screaming headache that neither food, nor water, nor ibuprofen, nor coffee can abate.  Plus I feel exhausted.  This continues all day Thursday.  I crashed last night, exhausted, and I wake up earlier than I want due to the fact that the lawn care guys show up every Friday at 9am and noone can sleep in.

This whole month so far has been fucked up physically.  I have mysteriously gained 10 pounds, been feeling exhausted for two weeks, then good for a few days, then shitty again.  My work performance has definitely suffered because one of my shift leads had to talk to me about why I was dragging my ass.  I was so sad after that conversation, because what could I do?  I haven’t been feeling well in ages. I am hoping it is because I just recently changed up something and my body is adjusting.  I hope.

I have also been thinking about all my boyfriends and what a fucking joke.  I am at the point I want to be alone.

Seems like I have alot of figuring out to do.



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