NOT a friend application Part 1

i am not tossing out friend applications, but i just wanted to clarify some stuff about me.

I will buy expensive shit at times. I wont toss it in peoples faces, but i will wear it. I mix expensive with cheap all the time. I hate being judged for it. So dont. 

I can listen to Led Zeppelin, trance techno, and Misfits in one sitting. It would be nice if others were into that kind of combo too. Oh and Acumen Nation is awesome. If you have heard of them, please message me. If not, get your mitts on a copy. If you need help with that, let me know.

As i am growing older, the point of looking pretty is fading fast. I have more important concerns like losing this old lady/ post smoker weight. And i much rather look badass than pretty.

I dunno. Maybe more later.Image



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