Letting go even applies to yoga

Letting go even applies to yoga.

Trollbeads Inspiration: “is it me, or are the models getting thinner?”

Could someone please buy me this?


Many of you have been by to visit our fabulously thin friend… what fun to have a 2011 Limited Edition Trollbeads Skeleton in the shop to play with!  We’ve sampled the various components of the necklace, making up bracelets with the parts, as well as adding so many different types of beads to shake up the look.  It’s such a great toy….

When one of the new 18k gold and diamond “Bougainvillea” beads arrived recently, we couldn’t resist adding it to the skeleton’s already-golden neckline.  This graceful bead features a cascade of tiny buds, opening into blossoms with a diamond at the heart of each one.  It is sparkling, luxurious and truly unique in its design.

Here the golden neck bead that is a part of the skeleton is visible, peeking above the sparkling Bougainvillea.  The pair of them give an ultra-luxe, statement collier to our diminutive model.  Speaking of…

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Trollbeads Inspiration: Simple Beauty Necklace

Trollbeads Inspiration: Simple Beauty Necklace.

Damn You, Athleta!

Well today was my last day of $10 for 10 days at Zuda, and here I am.  Not at Zuda.  I am not angry, because $10 for even one class is awesome, but I really wanted to make it to one last class before the 10 day deal was up.  Instead I spent countless hours last night staring at my tablet screen, trying to figure out how to best use my Athleta gift card, since the initial purchase I made I decided isn’t the best.

The past two days I have slept an inordinately long amount of time.  Which, has been fantastic.  I haven’t gotten this good of a rest/sleep in quite a while.  I know it is because of the weather.  Right now, it is rainy season out here in NorCal.  My bedroom is on the second floor, and it faces the street.  Which, in hindsight, sucks.  I hear every car door slam shut, every kid that is yelling at their friends on the way to the park, every conversation people may decide to have right in front of my house.  Except when it rains.  No one is out, it is quiet, it is gloomy and overcast so no piercing sunlight to stab at my eyelids, the temps are cooler so I can snuggle down into my covers, and the rain is a natural white noise/ sound muffler, so it is wonderful.  So, so wonderful.

I bet I would love to live in Seattle.  I would be the most well rested person there.

Zuda Yoga was pretty nice.  Very clean, with wood floors, high ceilings, and lots of natural sunlight fills the practice room.  Zuda Yoga is mainly a power vinyasa studio, which is what I need and like.  Well, sorta like lol.  They offer only two yin classes right now, but I do hope they offer some more mellow classes, because I would love to hit up a mellow class once a week there.   What I like is that offer a good number of classes throughout the day, so I can pretty much make one everyday if I wanted to, since they are all vinyasa and I wouldn’t miss out on my work outs.  The people that work there are super nice and were already making me feel very welcome and part of the group, which I thought was very nice.  Defintiely the friendliest yoga studio I have been to yet!

But now my trial session is over.  As much as I enjoyed it, it is time to try out a new studio.  I am going to try to squeeze in two yoga studios in before December 31st.  The reason why, is that in case I were to decide on Zuda, they are offering a $79 a month special for unlimited yoga which ends on that day.  However, that special is only good for 6 months, and then they go back to their usual price of $119.  Phew that is high!  I am going to be trying Veera Yoga and East Wind Yoga next.  If I were to choose Veera’s unlimited one, it would be $99.  If I were to choose East Wind’s unlimited one, it would $75 and that wouldn’t go up after 6 months.  We will see… I am not going to sign up for either one until after Thanksgiving, but I am going to put aside some money and start with Veera first, and then when I get paid again, in two weeks, I will start up with East Wind.

Tomorrow I am going to take the time to work on this resume of mine… There is a job opening that I am going to try for, a counsleing position… Tomorrow I will have lots of time to work on it and then hopefully send it out… I need to get going and improve my job position.  I have bene looking, and for once here is a job that I might actualy be able to get!  Wish me luck.


and THAT my friends… is a punk rock show

  • Hung out in Jack London Square
  • Chilled at the Blue Bottle Coffee shop… and just sat under an overhang outside with a cuppa joe and watched the rain fall and the people walk by
  • Had a sumptuous meal at Souley Vegan http://souleyvegan.com/ and at the end of the meal, I hugged the owner
  • Gilbert was sporting a Misfits shirt which made me proud
  • After impatiently waiting for the 3 opening bands to finish, it was time for THE MISFITS.

  • Jerry and Dez signed the poster I bought at the show (that’s not me up there… I wasn’t that aggressive, though I should have been)

  • Watched a very drunk woman vomit onto the street curb and an elderly man was clapping it up for her everytime she vomited  ( 3 times) while I munched on cheese fries at an all night diner
  • Rolled in at about 4:30am today and loved every second of it
  • Thank you to Frank, who guarded my poster while I hung out at the mosh pit, found me a random killer Misfits patch that was tossed like garbage on the concert floor, and drove home while I passed out in the front seat.  I love you.  And, how awesome was it that we wore matching Docs?  LOL.
  • Thank you to Gilbert, who bought us dinner,  post punk snacks, AND most importantly, for howling along with me while the Misfits played on stage.

I can’t wait to do this again.


Just bought tickets to see my first ever Misfits show. All these years… 

Looks like Zuda Yoga might be my new studio. All they do is power vinyasa and thats what i want.

Things are looking up, i hope.

I change my mind so much, is it even my own mind anymore???

Cancelling out on the Miche bag I bought at a purse party a few days ago.  I JUST bought the most fantabulous Coach dragonfly bag, what is my freaking issue?  So the Miche bag goes back.

I just sent in a request to exchange my white gold Bulgari to get back my rose gold Bulgari.  I KNOW.  The rose gold looked WAY better.  Trying to work out a deal right now. 

Yeesh.  I wonder how the other half lives, the ones that know what they want???

Started my Biggest Loser competition with my friend.  We are both at the same weight, which I think is kinda funny but makes it easier!  The goal is 158 pounds by February 10th.  I already did my first run/walk, and thankfully discovered that my New Balance shoes will be perfect since I never hardly ever used the damn shoes… I am going to use my Athleta giftcard that is on its way towards some new running /yoga gear.  Excited.

I did 45 sissy pushups the other day, and after my run-walk today I was only able to do 40.  I also did 30 oblique crunches and 35 lower abdominal crunches. Oi.

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