You’d Better Run

Ok.  Decided to take up running.  I think running and yoga is going to work.  I am NOT running in the sun, hell no!  I have to say… Maybe its me, but I SWEAR that the sun here in California is hotter than the sun in New Jersey.  Frank says it is because in NJ we have horrendous air quality protecting us.  I am not kidding though… I take a step outside, all is well on my little front step, I take a step into the light and it is like BAM.  I nearly disintegrate like a vampire in the morning. 

Goths don’t run in the sun, yo.

That is porbably why I like yoga so much… it is done inside, away from the cancerous, skin ruining rays of the sun. 

Yoga and running.

I am going to start up my membership to Veera Yoga tomorrow.  I have heard good and bad.  I am starting with Veera because it has the yoga I want, it has alot of classes, and it is close to my work so hopefully I can find a way to incorporate that with work.  We will see.  I am currently compiling a list of different yoga places since I am going to try them all before I make a final decision.

Now I need running shoes too. 


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