I change my mind so much, is it even my own mind anymore???

Cancelling out on the Miche bag I bought at a purse party a few days ago.  I JUST bought the most fantabulous Coach dragonfly bag, what is my freaking issue?  So the Miche bag goes back.

I just sent in a request to exchange my white gold Bulgari to get back my rose gold Bulgari.  I KNOW.  The rose gold looked WAY better.  Trying to work out a deal right now. 

Yeesh.  I wonder how the other half lives, the ones that know what they want???

Started my Biggest Loser competition with my friend.  We are both at the same weight, which I think is kinda funny but makes it easier!  The goal is 158 pounds by February 10th.  I already did my first run/walk, and thankfully discovered that my New Balance shoes will be perfect since I never hardly ever used the damn shoes… I am going to use my Athleta giftcard that is on its way towards some new running /yoga gear.  Excited.

I did 45 sissy pushups the other day, and after my run-walk today I was only able to do 40.  I also did 30 oblique crunches and 35 lower abdominal crunches. Oi.


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