and THAT my friends… is a punk rock show

  • Hung out in Jack London Square
  • Chilled at the Blue Bottle Coffee shop… and just sat under an overhang outside with a cuppa joe and watched the rain fall and the people walk by
  • Had a sumptuous meal at Souley Vegan and at the end of the meal, I hugged the owner
  • Gilbert was sporting a Misfits shirt which made me proud
  • After impatiently waiting for the 3 opening bands to finish, it was time for THE MISFITS.

  • Jerry and Dez signed the poster I bought at the show (that’s not me up there… I wasn’t that aggressive, though I should have been)

  • Watched a very drunk woman vomit onto the street curb and an elderly man was clapping it up for her everytime she vomited  ( 3 times) while I munched on cheese fries at an all night diner
  • Rolled in at about 4:30am today and loved every second of it
  • Thank you to Frank, who guarded my poster while I hung out at the mosh pit, found me a random killer Misfits patch that was tossed like garbage on the concert floor, and drove home while I passed out in the front seat.  I love you.  And, how awesome was it that we wore matching Docs?  LOL.
  • Thank you to Gilbert, who bought us dinner,  post punk snacks, AND most importantly, for howling along with me while the Misfits played on stage.

I can’t wait to do this again.


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