Trollbeads Inspiration: “is it me, or are the models getting thinner?”

Could someone please buy me this?


Many of you have been by to visit our fabulously thin friend… what fun to have a 2011 Limited Edition Trollbeads Skeleton in the shop to play with!  We’ve sampled the various components of the necklace, making up bracelets with the parts, as well as adding so many different types of beads to shake up the look.  It’s such a great toy….

When one of the new 18k gold and diamond “Bougainvillea” beads arrived recently, we couldn’t resist adding it to the skeleton’s already-golden neckline.  This graceful bead features a cascade of tiny buds, opening into blossoms with a diamond at the heart of each one.  It is sparkling, luxurious and truly unique in its design.

Here the golden neck bead that is a part of the skeleton is visible, peeking above the sparkling Bougainvillea.  The pair of them give an ultra-luxe, statement collier to our diminutive model.  Speaking of…

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