Chilling on a Thursday Afternoon

Just tried out a vinyasa class at Veera Yoga the other day.  I liked it.  Chill vibe, and the fact that it is very close to my job makes it very convenient.  I am going to a Yin class tonight.  Today is my one day off, so everything I have done has been super chill and relaxing.  I think the Yin class will fit right in.  I also got a pedicure today which Frank’s mom paid for, and it was GREAT.  Very relaxing!  Also picked up a pair of yoga pants from PINK.  I had a $10 reward to use… I can see why my Athleta/Lucy/Lululemon yoga pants cost so much… These yoga pants were originally priced $35, and personally I don’t think they are truly worth more than $20, but I needed a second pair of long yoga pants, so eff it.

Apparently Lululemon is discontinuing their beloved Scuba hoodie and are replacing it with the new Scuba version called Scuba hoodie Stretch.  Not surprisingly, the new version is hated.  I love my Scuba.  It was the first Lululemon thing I ever bought, and though it wasn’t cheap, it is worth every penny.  Of course it isn’t black or grey… It is a heathered lavender.  I like the color, but I don’t love it.  However, it is the best hoodie design ever, and I LOVE the design.  Maybe I will dye it.  Yes… I think I might 🙂  The Misfits patch I sewed onto the back is too dark and square for such a light colored hoodie… Oh well.  I will take it off and then dye my Scuba when I get the $$$ to do so.  Which… won’t be for another week or so.  Or maybe I won’t dye it.  But the patch has to come off.  Or not.

Dropped off my bean today for its FINAL length adjustment.  Since I am like the tides, having two different lengths to choose from will be best.  I will have it at 18″ and at 15.5″ so that I can wear it any way that I feel like.  I also dropped off some Christmas coffee for my Tiffany buddy; it was good to see her, she is usually terribly busy so at least we got a chance to connect for a few minutes.

Trying to just be chill about life.  It is so easy to slip into my anger mode… I just need to let it go.  There is nothing I can do at this moment to change my station in life, so I should just try to maximise and enjoy.

I have to be up early tomorrow, so it is already too late to have another cup of coffee.  Damn.

Since Frank’s parents are visiting us, there is no extra room for me to hang out in so that I don’t wake Frank up tomorrow morning.  Damn.

Well I am going to take a nap upstairs, which probably isn’t a good idea either, but I am sleepy and eff it I don’t care.





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