While waiting for my damn pizza.

Today before I clocked off of work today, my shift supervisor spoke to me about my performance.  Sadly it was not a positive chat.  And even more sad is that this isn’t the first time that we have had this stressful chat.  I would like to let anyone who is reading this to know, that I do not blame or have anger towards my shift supervisor in any way.  They were simply being honest and I appreciated that they approached me and informed me of their concerns.  I am just done. With me. I don’t know how to change this behavior.  I am frustrated and sad, and since work appears to be my only social outlet (yes, lame, I know), I will have to not blur it up with any social aspects.  I really honestly wish that I had more of a life outside of work.  Then I wouldn’t put so much emotional stuff into my job.

I went to my yoga class today after work.  I truly didn’t want to.  I felt better afterwards, and everytime I force myself to go, I feel better.  I hope that I can force myself to go before work tomorrow… I really need to make it to yoga 5 times a week.  Sigh.

In between work and yoga, I was wandering through the mall, and I saw a woman sporting a Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag, and I was like Oooo!  I am such a bag whore. 


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