Review of Ms. Betty in Purple by Susan Nichole

The other day, I was very lucky to have won a Susan Nichole  ( ) vegan handbag!  It was from a weekly Facebook drawing and I have been trying to win for months.  Well, I finally won!  I was able to choose any handbag I wanted.  I chose Ms. Betty in purple.


It is difficult for me to find a designer vegan bag company that I love.  I don’t know what it is, but more often than not, the bags look cheap.  It doesn’t matter that they are made of a non leather material… It’s the details.  The quality of the stitching, the heft of the hardware… the quality of the lining… It makes a difference.

My bag arrived quickly.  I was so excited.  It is a California based company, and I love that there is someone out there working hard to put out a quality product that is ethically made.

So, here are my thoughts:

The first thing I noticed is that the studs are only on one side of the bag.  I was not expecting that.  I guess most bags do have one side that is supposed to face out and one side that is supposed to face in, but I definitely think that studs on both sides would have looked better.  Now I will think before I pop the bag on my shoulder, because only one side is studded.


Aslo, the studs are plastic.  Not a fan of that, especially when this bag is supposed to sell for $150.00!  I would have preferred metal studs for that amount of money.



Ms. Betty comes with a crossbody strap which is one of the reasons why I chose her, because that is my favorite way to wear a handbag.  Second favorite is on the shoulder.  Sadly, due to the kisslock closure, I cannot wear it on my shoulder since the kisslock closure digs into my armpit.  This bag is really meant to be a satchel.  I love the look of a satchel, but I hate carrying one.  Go figure.  Thank goodness it has a crossbody strap.


I love purple, I have always been a purple fan.  As you can see from the pictures above, the flash really lights up the purple, but it looks more eggplant in real life.  I like that the studs are black instead of silver… I like that she minimized the silver hardware as much as possible… Even the loops for the crossbody strap are neatly hidden so when I don’t want to use the strap I can unclip it and no one would notice.

I opened the bag, and immediately the metal pull tab for the zippered pocket fell off.  I put it back on, but it has fallen off since then and I cannot find it.  Now I won’t be able to zip it shut, and I found that a very cheap detail for the price of this bag.  The other two pockets are great; one is the perfect size for a pair of sunglasses to go in horizontally, and that is a rare thing to see in a bag.  Usually I put my sunglasses in vertically, and it inevitably ends up slipping out.  The other pocket is perfect for my Blackberry, even in its bulky case.


Another cool feature on Ms. Betty is that she is expandable!  She has a zip that allows her to be made wider.  It zips from one end to the other, underneath, and it great for when I have to load up my bag.  I didn’t realize it until I was online googling other pics of her bags, but mine also didn’t come with a dustcover.  I wish that it had, I like to store my bags in them and it would have been a nice finishing touch.

The stitching looks good and sturdy, the bag is a lovely original design that I have not seen anywhere else, which makes it awesome.  I love that it is a vegan company with good ethics behind it.  I love supporting small companies.

All in all, I like this bag.  I don’t love it.  The studs only on one side, the plastic studs and plastic kisslock , the metal pull tab falling off and getting lost, the lack of a dustbag… makes me only like it.







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