Decision Time!

I hope everyone’s holiday has been awesome, I can definitely say mine was.  My only regret was not sending out enough Christmas cards.  I got a few out, and I sent off a gift or two, but otherwise I wasn’t too successful. 

Tomorrow, I need to make a final decision.  I have been trying out numerous yoga studios since this past summer when my favorite yoga studio closed.  I have tried Bikram, and though the owner was giving me a killer deal, it wasn’t the type of yoga that I really dug.  I have tried two vinyasa studios, and they are both good.  One is $99 (ouch) a month for the monthly unlimited, and the other is currently running a 6 month special for $79 ( I can swing that) a month, but I need to sign up by tomorrow.  The special is only good for 6 months, and then their unlimited monthly jumps up to $119 (holy sh*t) a month.  One studio is 12.7 miles from my house, and the other is 9.1 miles. 

I think I am going with the $79 a month option for now.  It is only 3 1/2 miles further away, and that is not a big deal.  The $20 saved a month for 6 months works.

I also tried Ashtanga yoga for the first time yesterday.  Frank went with me, and it was cool to do a traditional practice that hasn’t changed in over 2000 years.  However, though it was somewhat challenging, and would be a good thing to do if I wasn’t feeling up to snuff, I still prefer the vinyasa flow.   The flow is harder and is more cardio.

Oh and I went in my misfits hoodie and pj’s to Staples so that I can get all the finishing details done for something, and as she is ringing me up I notice the ickiness on my hoodie.  Gotta wash it ewwww.


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