Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy

I’m fancy! I dress up whenever I can, which means if I am running errands or even just going to the bank I am dressed up. I love vintage hats and have an eclectic wardrobe of vintage and handmade pieces. Clothing inspires me, challenging myself to coordinate things to express what I am interested in visually as often as possible keeps my creativity bright and lends me a sort of energy, I think.

One thing people often ask me in person is if my appearance garners negative reactions from strangers. Do people make rude comments or treat me badly because I dress exuberantly? To this I’d have to say no. Mostly I am just asked “what is the occasion” to which I reply, “I could be hit by a bus today, I wouldn’t want to die in clothes I don’t love or be mad I didn’t wear this hat before…

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