So Damn Tired

Tomorrow will mark 3 consecutive weeks of me attending yoga 4 times a week.  A pain in the ass, but not impossible. 

Today is my day off, and I spent it sleeping until I woke up on my own (i was lucky to get about 9 1/2 hours of sleep), going to yoga at 11, zonked out on the couch afterwards with a smoothie and watched Red Riding Hood, then we went out to do a few things and grab dinner. 

And I am exhausted.

It’s funny… I though that exercising, eating right, and drinking more water would make me feel better.  I guess I do feel better, but I still get exhausted.  By 10pm tonight I was ready to fall asleep.  But I had groceries to put away, laundry to finish, bills to pay, and there was an annoying pile of papers that has been lingering and growing for days… I had to organize it.  Oh and I had to type this out for someone to read. 

Still obsessing over the bone cuff.




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