Son Of A Seabiscuit Cleaning Day

That’s IT. 

I am DONE with every single drawer in the house being CRAMMED full of stuff that I don’t even remember what’s in there. 

I am DONE with piles of my stuff spiiling over, such as the laundry, those coupons I meant to use… I can’t stand it.

Seriously… everything I have has random stuff crammed into it.  Not a few pens in my lovely porcelin Rodart Starbucks mug, but SO  MUCH stuff that there is a travel size hand cream bottle, upside down, threatening to topple out if I don’t empty out the mug. 

My lovely jewelry that i paid so much money for?  Either hidden away in a multittude of turquoise boxes, or jumbled together in a non descript, unflattering way. 

I working a short shift today, and then I am coming home, armed with a double tall skinny hazelnut macchiatto and getting to work.

And so it was written (i.e., this BETTER happen or I am going to look foolish).


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