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We all love the Joker. He’s one of the best known villains in pop culture and after decades he still has the power to shock, amuse and scare us. Even better, every artist and writer who tackle the mad clown can put their own spin on him without losing his base appeal. In putting together this list we had to skip over some obvious contenders, Frank Millar’s take in The Dark Knight Returns. What we have instead are these ten amazing Jokers.

#10 – Hush

Written by Jeph Loeb, Drawn by Jim Lee

joker hush

The Joker only makes a brief appearance in Hush, but it’s an extremely effective sequence for the character. It’s almost a completely pure representation of Batman’s nemesis – no grand scheme, no psychological examination, just a lunatic out to mess with his enemy. Batman stumbles across Joker having seemingly murdered his childhood friend Thomas Elliot…

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