Junk drawers and cherry blossoms

When do I have enough stuff and then say, I am good?  I have enough stuff? 

Sad to say, but I am not sure. 

So far, I have cleaned out 2 of the 3 drawers that have been the bane of my homestead.  I have ended up tossing away more than what is going back in.  The next step is to figure out the purpose of each drawer.  The one that I haven’t cleaned out, the one upstairs next to my bed, is going to be my jewelry drawer.  I already have a lovely traditional jewelry box, but it has been filled up and it is time to expand.  As for the other two drawers, well… Not so sure on those yet.  The idea of a junk drawer is not going to work for me.  I toss something in a drawer, and then I forget about it.  I don’t how or when it happened, but I started collecting alot more junk. 

It is a beautiful day outside; opening the windows will do this musty house some good, especially since I am still getting over being sick and fresh air is good for you, right?

I have little desire to go to yoga today.  I have lost 5 pounds so far, and it was a very stubborn 5 pounds, and I wonder how stubborn the next 5 will be.  It has been a very slow difficult uphill road for me, and I am not trying to complain, but then again, I guess I sorta am.  I think about how I need to be at work by 2, so that means yoga class at 12, then shower at the yoga studio and change into work clothes.  I guess it really isn’t so bad… I think I have spring fever though, so if I get to work early enough, I will sit outside and have a coffee, and soak up the fresh spring air. 

Spring and fall are so fleeting here in California… 2 of my favorite seasons.  Watching the cherry blossoms fall also reminds me of the short season of spring… I am thankful for the cherry trees.  If they weren’t here, there would be no indication that spring was ever here.



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