Almost opened Pandora’s box

Today i walked into my local Pandora store and walked out empty handed. 

I dont get it… 

I dont have the money to buy any more stuff right now.  I usually am not really interested in Pandora. They came out with a glass cherry blossom bead, which well, ok quite pretty, probably the pregtiest bead Pandora has ever put out. But, do i need to also buy another $70 worth lf charms to get the free bracelet? No, i don’t. But somehow i convinced myself that i wanted the glass cherry blossom bead, two lotus clip beads, and because that would total at least $100, i also end up with a free bracelet during their promo. 

Also… Pandora?! I already collect Trollbeads. They really are far more superior to Pandora. All i really wanted was the glass cherry blossom bead… it honestly is the first glass bead from Pandora that i actually like. Pandora is just… So commercial, and i fell for it. Ugh. 

Anyways. It upset me that i fell under Pandora’s commercial spell. I do have 2 charms, and yes i will eventually get this glass one, but i do not want their bracelet. 

I read an article about how someone considers these bracelets to be an adult woman’s way of holding onto youth. It was a very derisive article. 


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