Confessions of a Male Shopaholic and How I Can Relate

elle & ish

I wanted to do a quick post to share this amazing article written by Buzz Bissinger for GQ, a man addicted to Gucci.

A few highlights that I’d like to share:

I have an addiction. It isn’t drugs or gambling: I get to keep what I use after I use it. But there are similarities: the futile feeding of the bottomless beast and the unavoidable psychological implications, the immediate hit of the new that feels like an orgasm and the inevitable coming-down.

Hellooooo déjà vu.  I’ve never considered myself a shopping “addict,” per sé, but buying things..even the littlest, mundane, everyday things can give me that same feeling.  When I walk to the car to drive to the mall, or when I’ve just parked at the mall parking lot and I’m entering the stores, I get this strange quickening feeling.  It’s as if I need to get in FAST.  I’m…

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  1. mochimac
    Mar 30, 2013 @ 06:03:43

    I get the same ‘high’ so I know how it feels. The thing is trying to curb it, knowing what I know.


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