Alright Okay Alright

I have FINALLY (after more years than I care to admit) getting the left side of my wisdom teeth removed.  They have been a bee in the bonnet for too long.  It is time for me to be an adult and have surgical removal of these godforsaken teeth.

Many many years ago, the wisdom teeth on my right side started to cause me great pain.  So much pain, in fact, that I almost could not straighten my head because it was so painful.  I finally got the courage to have them removed, and it was a frightening experience, mainly because  I had to be put out due to my extreme agitation, and then I had some sort of reaction to the anesthesia, which left me pooped out on the couch for a week.

But I need to do this.  Ever since I had my teeth straightened with the power of braces, the wisdom teeth on the left have been grumbling and showing their unhappiness with their new living arrangements.  It only comes up every couple of months or so, and it only lasts for a week or so, but I have a bad feeling that this will increase with frequency and intensity.  I haven’t worked out in days, it has interfered with my already uneasy relationship with sleep, and it just plain HURTS.  ALOT. 

I am just scared of surgery.  I am not afraid of the dentist, but anything to do with stitches gives me the heebie jeebies. 

The earliest dental appointment I could get was May 22.  Hoepfully they will be able to recommend someone for me….


Figuring It Out :)

After all these years, I am figuring out how to best segue from work to play.

1. Take shoes and socks off

2. Wash my face

3. Literally let my hair down (or, if it was down, put it up)

4. Spritz something that smells nice on me, and how about a fresh application of my deodorant?

5. Change my clothes to something comfy yet wearable outside if I had to go do something

Five steps.  Major improvement.

Not Worth It

I just don’t understand people sometimes. 

And bitching about it in a blog isn’t going to give me the catharsis that I need. 

I just wish I still wasn’t upset over something from 3 hours ago.  I don’t need this feeling, why do I keep coming back to it? 

Why am I still upset?

What do I want?

Do I want them to cry?  To rip their hair out? 

What the hell am I looking for here in order to not feel this negativity?

I got an apology.  I tried to explain why I was upset.  I am just done with myself, sure it was about something bothersome, but I could have handles it better.


I do not know if it will happen again, it wasn’t the end of the world, just annoying, and if it happens again, I hope to Buddha that I don’t get upset again because it isn’t worth it. 

Looking forward

I have some great news!  Things are looking up for me.  I am not going to reveal anything more specific than that, because I need to keep it quiet until the wheels are in motion.  But YAY!


Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

I still hate WordPress.  Ever since they changed it, it sucks.

I am tired of figuratively sitting and waiting.  It is time to make a change, and whether or not it makes things better, I don’t know.  But what I do know is this:

…as soon as we get our new manager (our previous manager got fired), I will let a month go by, and then I will talk to them about transferring out.  I need to move.  I am going to rent my house out, makes some good money on that, and try to improve myself by changing my surroundings.  I have been hanging around for too long, and I have allowed myself to fall deeper and deeper into a hole that quite frankly, I dug myself. 


It’s a bitch.

But I need to make changes now.  I can no longer wait for something to happen, I need to make it happen. 

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

The Ending Of My Trollbeads Frenzy

The Ending Of My Trollbeads Frenzy

So it is nearly over. In case you haven’t read earlier, my closest Trollbeads retailler will no longer be selling Trollbeads. They are currently selling them at 40-50% off, and I have been beating up my credit card and my cash savings a bit to get all the beads I can. I have dropped by enough times to have almost all the beads I had on my list, including a few surprises.
I also went a tad crazy and found both the foxtail necklace which is the same style as the bracelets and I found the Fantasy necklace on Ebay for a fraction of the original cost. In the midst of this I also went Dutch with a friend on a trunk show.
Also my mum picked up a lovley Trollbead for me during her visit to the UK.
It has been a bit mad.
I guess when it rains, it pours…
I am going to visit the shop one last time with my friend, and then I am good for quite awhile. I am a bit sad about it though. As much as the online Trollbeads shop has provided me with such wonderful selection and deals that no one else can match, in the end I love shopping from the little local shops that stock Troll. I like hand picking my beads. But this shop was a low level dealer… They did not freqently keep up on stocking their merchandise, the silvers always looked tarnished… It just wasn’t a good presentation. Which is too bad… So now there are 2 shops left… And both are 45 minutes or further away.
Now back to saving. For what? Who knows. It is just going to sit there and save until something awesome comes up, and then that is what it is for. Though I would like to try to save for a year… or two…

Getting too good

Today and yesterday, i have lost my head over stuff that isnt worth losing one’s head over. I dont get it… I need to figure out how to fix this, and fast.  

It usually ends up being about the “shoulds”. I create these expectations that i feel i need to live up to the requirements for the day. I am officially tossing this out of the window. It has not been working for me, and if i allow my day to be ruined; by me, if you hadn’t already figured that out… i had a fun birthday lunch with a friend, and then i took a scenic drive to pick up some pretty sale Trollbeads, and then somehow i ruined a perfect day. I am getting good at doing that, and i don’t want to be. 

So i need to work on that. 

And fast.

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