Feels like…

…one of those days where I can tell I am wound too tight.  I eat something, it is tasty, but not filling.  Coffee isn’t enjoyable.  I am irritable, and I can’t seem to get a moment alone.  I am never alone.  I wake up and creep downstairs with Maggie, but that time is cut short.  I can feel the pressure of getting out of the house, go go go but I won’t listen.  I made a promise to a friend that I must keep but I don’t want to do it because I realize how short my time is and I want to fill it with other things… But that is shitty and it gives me perspective when people don’t want to hang out…

I have ten actual dollars that I can spend today and then that’s it.  I have finally realized that I cannot put off using my investments and try to pay off my credit card bill myself, and that saddens me, because it brings to light how tight money is. 

My super pretty charm bracelet that I never wear is driving me nuts because it is in my way when I type on here, but I feel guilty if I don’t wear it today because it has been a long time since I have worn it, and people that care about me have bought me charms that now dangle happily off of it, and I feel I should wear it.  I still love it, it is just me.  Me being wierd. 

Well, now that I have acknowledged how irritated I am, I am going to think positive and not let my irritation bother me. 

It is raining today.  I am wearing a charm bracelet that my loved ones have helped me build.  I have the day off.  Frank and I are going to a yin yoga class together.  We are going to have pizza later.  These are all good things.  🙂


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