The Ending Of My Trollbeads Frenzy

The Ending Of My Trollbeads Frenzy

So it is nearly over. In case you haven’t read earlier, my closest Trollbeads retailler will no longer be selling Trollbeads. They are currently selling them at 40-50% off, and I have been beating up my credit card and my cash savings a bit to get all the beads I can. I have dropped by enough times to have almost all the beads I had on my list, including a few surprises.
I also went a tad crazy and found both the foxtail necklace which is the same style as the bracelets and I found the Fantasy necklace on Ebay for a fraction of the original cost. In the midst of this I also went Dutch with a friend on a trunk show.
Also my mum picked up a lovley Trollbead for me during her visit to the UK.
It has been a bit mad.
I guess when it rains, it pours…
I am going to visit the shop one last time with my friend, and then I am good for quite awhile. I am a bit sad about it though. As much as the online Trollbeads shop has provided me with such wonderful selection and deals that no one else can match, in the end I love shopping from the little local shops that stock Troll. I like hand picking my beads. But this shop was a low level dealer… They did not freqently keep up on stocking their merchandise, the silvers always looked tarnished… It just wasn’t a good presentation. Which is too bad… So now there are 2 shops left… And both are 45 minutes or further away.
Now back to saving. For what? Who knows. It is just going to sit there and save until something awesome comes up, and then that is what it is for. Though I would like to try to save for a year… or two…


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