Not Worth It

I just don’t understand people sometimes. 

And bitching about it in a blog isn’t going to give me the catharsis that I need. 

I just wish I still wasn’t upset over something from 3 hours ago.  I don’t need this feeling, why do I keep coming back to it? 

Why am I still upset?

What do I want?

Do I want them to cry?  To rip their hair out? 

What the hell am I looking for here in order to not feel this negativity?

I got an apology.  I tried to explain why I was upset.  I am just done with myself, sure it was about something bothersome, but I could have handles it better.


I do not know if it will happen again, it wasn’t the end of the world, just annoying, and if it happens again, I hope to Buddha that I don’t get upset again because it isn’t worth it. 


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