I Miss The Good Old Days


I get dropped off at my friend’s house (or I rose my bike, I don’t remember). We then walk up to the main street and hop on the bus into Red Bank.  In my hand I have a $5, and I am going to buy a tape from Jack’s.  I am so excited.  We chat on the bus about what my next music purchase should be… I don’t remember what she got, I will have to ask her if she remembers this…

We arrive in Red Bank, and rush right into Jack’s.  What a place.  Chock full of records and tapes, huge posters of various bands plastered all over the walls… A big magazine rack with various music mags…  It was an awesome place. And did I mention huge?  Quite large.  I plunk down my money and end up with Motley Cure’s Girls Girls Girls album (this was right before I discovered my true love, thrash metal). 

Afterwards, we roam Red Bank.  We grab pizza at Mr. Pizza Slice, we smoke too many cigarettes, probably swore too much but oh hell who gives a damn… Then we would end up at Marine Park where all the other metalheads hung out, it was a great place to meet friends… We would be there alot.  I bet the other park goers were freaking scared of us… We were a pretty frightening bunch, at least appearance-wise…


Chilling in my house.  Go online, download the latest album of Danzig.  Boom, its on my Zen.  Done.

Sigh.  Heck yea I miss the good old days.


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