Farewell, Starbucks store #2908

Today was my last day of being a Starbucks barista of store #2908.  Tomorrow I enjoy a day off, and then Tuesday I start at a brand new, not-even-completed-as-of-this-blog Starbucks, which officially opens Thursday. 

I was given the opportunity to work at a first LEED certified Starbucks in this area.  It will be drive through only, no walk up.  The only other one that I am aware of is in Denver, CO.  I am pretty excited about it.  I already know of a couple of fellow partners that I have never worked with, but we get along great and we are excited to be finally working with each other.  I have a good feeling about this transfer. 

I woke up at 4am on a Sunday, no less, and clocked in to do the opening shift with Frank.  We had a good time opening up the store, and it was nice to do something different instead of the usual mids and closes.  Unfortunately, it was very busy, and I really didn’t have enough time to say the good byes I wanted to say.  I noticed a card for me in the backroom, but it wasn’t finished, so I didn’t peek at it and quite honestly, it was slammed today, so I might pop in tomorrow to get my final tips and hopefully pick it up then. 

I got to give out a few sad hugs, and got to say a few sad goodbyes.  Out of the 3 Starbucks that I have worked at, this is the one that I have stayed at the longest… As much as I am looking forward to opening the new store, I am going to really miss my pals at #2908. 



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