Starbucks Stole My Soul (a rant)

I need to complain a bit, sorry if you don’t want to read it, so just skip it.

I really feel bad for every Starbucks employee that has to work the opening/early am/morning rush shifts.  I have been doing this 4 out of 5 days a week, and it is killing me. 

It’s not just because I am  a night person; it is because I have to be in bed anywhere between 7:30 to 9pm.  It is because in order to actually snag a few hours of sleep, I have to sleep in the back bedroom while my boyfriend sleeps in our bed.  Four nights out of seven, I am in the back bedroom.  It is because I have no energy to go grocery shopping, hang with the few friends I have, or work out.  It is because my boyfriend has to work night shifts and can’t afford to take any less hours than he already has.  It is because our aging pup gets restless at night and barks, which wakes me up.

But I need hours.  Even with me not specifying hours, I didn’t even get 32 this week.  I usually barely get 34.  I am a grown woman with bills and a life, just like everyone else, I know, but I barely make enough, hence I abuse my credit card.  Can you imagine if I put limits on when I could work, like i.e. not working before 7am?  It isn’t anyone’s fault… if you want hours at Starbucks, you have to be willing to work the entire weekend AND early shifts.  I don’t blame anyone; this is the way it goes when you work at Starbucks… take it or leave it.  I honestly don’t know if could actually do 40 hours a week of this.  It is pretty grueling.  On your feet, running all the time, god help you if they put you on bar that is really physical…

I have eaten far more protein bars than I care to admit… It is easy because the last thing I want to do… is stand some more and cook.  Or take a shower.  Or work out.  The very thought of standing makes my feet throb more. 

I feel bad for my partners… I have been getting rumpier and grumpier the past few days, because I don’t know how to deal.  Maybe at 38 I am just getting too old for this work…</p


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