Trollbeads 30 Day Design Challenge

Totally doing this, starting today!



What if you started fresh… free from preconceptions about how your bracelets should look.  What could you create with your beautiful beads?

the-canvasA dear friend and client recently showed me a photo of her substantial collection, laid out on a playtray, neatly arranged by categories such as stones, silvers, and glass… and I was astonished to realize that I had never arranged my own beads in that way.  As often as I play with other peoples’ designs and collections of bracelets, I was a little more casual about designing my own pieces and had never spent the time to take it all apart and lay it out clearly to start fresh.  When I saw all of those beads laid out on the play tray I realized how incredibly liberating and inspiring it was, and wanted to feel that with my own collection.

I often hear from design clients that they…

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