5 years

Today marks 5 years of working at Starbucks. 

I spent so much time. money, and energy on attaining a Masters in psychological counseling and I haven’t been in the counseling field for 7 years.  What a waste.  I am so out of touch that I would need to go back to school to get up to date. 

I loved counseling.  I love the field of psychology.  Instead of trying harder, because that must be why I don’t have a counseling job right now, I bust my ass for shit pay and end up running a huge debt on my credit card because I freak out over having no money.

Everyday, I try to keep myself together. I want everyone out there that might be feeling like this right now to know that I get it; all too well, I might add.  And I am so sorry you feel this way… It is absolute anguish sometimes and I wonder when time will just hurry the hell up and get us out of this.

I can’t blame anyone or anything… I don’t feel like carrying it anymore, is that ok to say?  I just want to put it down and leave it. 


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