My Trollbeads 30 Day Challenge

I decided to go for it and do the 30 day Trollbeads challenge where we had to come up with a different Trollbead combo everyday for 30 days.

I was surprised at how challenging this was.  My biggest issue was having to break up a really nice bracelet combo and changing it.  I realize that as much as I love changing it up, I like hanging onto a nice pleasing design for awhile, until it no longer fancies me and I change it again. 

Also, i absolutely do not like wearing a full bracelet.  I like only a few beads and I like them sliding around and all that jazz.  A full bracelet is just too much.  If I did end up doing a nearly full bracelet, I noticed how I would use my softer and drab glass beads.  I love my soft drab glass… They blend in and look great and tone down the intensity of a fully loaded bracelet. 

I also made up a few necklaces, fantasy necklaces, and I also used the bangle as well as my leather. 

But it was definitely difficult to come up with something everyday.


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