Sunday Bloopiness

Yay a day off!!!  I have been rapidly accruing large numbers of Trollbeads recently; there has been a rash of sales lately.  It all started out innocently enough; I saved up some cash, went to my closest TB retailer that was selling off all of their TB for 50% off, and bought what I could and supposedly that was that.

But it wasn’t.

Should I blog here how much I spent?  Or not?

I wil say not.  It was alot.  I started out with cash savings, and ended up using my credit card.  I don’t feel bad about it, I only feel bad in that I wish I had a better paying job.

I have since relinquished my credit card to safekeeping.  I am good and now I need to look over what I have and work with it, I still have a few more pieces coming in, man is it nuts.

Trollbeads has changed.  I have been snapping up as much of the older stuff as I can.  The newer silver isn’t as heavy, yet it costs the same.  I don’t blame them for the changes, this is what happens when you get popular and you need to find a way to still make a profit.  But it doesn’t mean that I need to buy it.  Sorta sad really, because I really love their stuff, much more than other modular jewelry designs out there.  Pandora is ok, but anything else I have seen looks so cheap.  There is a new one out, called Persona, and it looks horrendous.  I guess you could say Trollbeads is the Rolls Royce of this particular type of jewelry.  I lucked out discovering Trollbeads first. 

I have seen this with everything.  In my short time on our planet so far, I have seen alot of change with products that I buy.  I never really paid any attention when I was younger, but it is true: things are not made the way they used to be. 

I am willing to pay for it.  I want quality.  I don’t want a cheap piece of shit that is going to be thrown away.  I hate throwing things away.  When I think about the cheaply made clothing at Forever 21, which to me is to me is the pinnacle of cheapness, it is sad.  People seem to want something for nothing, which of course, I do too, but sometimes one has to pay.

Good food, good shoes, and a good mattress.  Never skimp on these, because in the end, your body pays for it.  As I am getting older, I see where I have not taken care of myself and I realize that even when you are young and don’t feel the damage right away, try not to take it for granted.  I see people waddling around, and they look terrible.  I see that more and more as I grow older.  I am told I look young for my age, that I have good skin… I do my best to take care of myself, I try to sleep as much as I can, drink as much water as I can, and wear more sunscreen. 

That reminds me.  I need to buy more sunscreen. 



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