Yoga Challenge Day 1

When I got home from yoga today, I decided to step on the scale to see where I was.  I was horrified to see that I weighed 164 pounds.  I had been holding steady for months at 160, and then whoop!  4 pounds.

It made me realize that I really need to buckle down more.  I need to complete this 30 day challenge, but I lso need to be stricter about my eating habits.  I have been struggling with trying to eat more veggies, but I have not had any success with that.  I thought I was being pretty good about eating, but I need to realize that even the weekly treat has to stop. 

I am frustrated with this, but I need to realize that my freewheeling days of eating are over.  I can have one awesome treat once a week.  And I need to stick to it.  I need to do my own thing and stick to my guns.  That means no compromises.  One treat a week, one meal out a week, and that is IT. 

I don’t want to feel sorry for myself.  I want to get a little angry and want the best for me.  And that is what I am going to do,


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