Day 3 and 4

I totally forgot to place my star on the 30 day yoga challenge board yesterday, as well as I totally forgot to blog here.

Maybe because I made a total ass of myself right before class and that shook me up pretty badly.  I have been stressed out over alot of things, and each day I try to just make it through without losing my cool.  Yesterday, I totally failed. 

I didn’t want to go to class, I didn’t want to practice, and when I got there, I plopped my mat way up front, so that in case I burst into tears no one would see me.  I didn’t necessarily feel better once I was done with my practice, but at least I had temporarily drained the misery out of me. 

I do not understand why I chose misery yesterday.  I was faced with a situation that I could have either been miserable, or been moving on from.  And, I chose misery.  I wish I knew why I chose that.  I only hope I can figure that out before it is too late. 

So since I am already doing a catch up blog here, I will be going to my fourth class in a little bit, so this will cover both.  Sorta cheating at this 30 day challenge by taking two yin classes a week so that I don’t totally kill myself.

Or maybe I am being good to myself by taking these 2 yin classes. 

I like the second, better attitude more. 


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