Yoga Sesh 15 (behind one day, catching up)

I am halfway through my yoga challenege, and it is indeed a challenge.  Recently, and most likely due to the fact that this week consisted soley of opening shifts (clocking in at 4:30am, anyone?) this week has been tough.  Yesterday I did a double, since I missed my max allowance of two days, and then you have to make them up.  I did a vinyasa class at 6 (which I felt nauseous halfway through and just gave up and plopped on my mat), and then a yin class at 7:30.  Then afterwards I raced home, and went straight to bed.  Not kidding.  I wore my pj’s to my yin class, and all I did when I got home was devour a power bar, and brush my teeth.  Out like a light.  Up at 3:30am today, and it was rough.  Not gonna lie. 

Oh and did I mention that I somehow screwed up the ligaments in my left shoulder?  Which SUCKS?  Oh happy days. 

Tomorrow I have off from work.  I am going to sleep in, and when I wake up I am going to make coffee, nurse my mug of joe until I forget the mug is empty and swear at it when I go to take another sip but aw hell I will just make ANOTHER cup.  Yea.  Tomorrow is looking good.  Yoga sesh at 4:30 and some delish dinner and healthy food shopping and then BOOM sleepy sleeps because I have to be at work by 6am Sunday, WOOOO.


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