Sunday and Too Tired To Go To Fit Club.

I haven’t been to the bookstore to peruse the shelves with a cup of coffee in my hand for what seems like ages.  I miss flipping through a glossy tattoo magazine.  Either I am working, exercising, sleeping, or tired, sacked out catching up on the couple of tv shows that I miss because I am doing one of the other three things.

(ULTA’s Lilac scented hand lotion is way too strong and everytime I rest my chin in my hand my nose is assaulted and I love fragrances so that shows you how intense and cloying this particular lilac scent is to me.)

I am already gearing up for a Misfits concert this November, right here in town, so excited about that.  I am also excited about a day trip to SF this month and I am going to the DeYoung Museum for the first time…

I guess my life isn’t totally devoid of anything… I just wish I had more energy to do more. 



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