Jawbone UP wins… sort of

I can’t sleep.  I blame starbucks, since i pretty much work horrendously early there and it has ruined the luxury of sleep.  oh and our elderly dog  maggie, who loves to bark at all hours of the night. still love her though.

about to embark on a day trip to good ol’ san francisco. looking forward to seeing the pacific ocean. since i am up hours earlier than expected, i thought i would share my week long experiences with the nike fuel band and the jawbone up.

i am returning the nike fuel band. it shows steps, calories, the time, and its own thing, nike fuel.  it is well made, and i love that anyone with a computer can use this, regardless of whether or not you have an iphone.  i am not a huge fan of the design.  it is more obvious in appearance than the jawbone up… it looks more like a tool than the jawbone does… and it is alot more masculine, whereas the jawbone is more unisex.

i might keep the jawbone up. not only does it do calories and steps like the nike fuel band, but it also tracks sleep patterns. i can also enter workouts.  for example, i am an avid yogi, and though it is a wonderful strength building workout, it does not register like running does.  however, i can enter it in the up app, and then it calculates the calories burned, so that i can still attribute yoga to my activities for the day. nike fuel band cannot do that. the only bother i have with jawbone up is that i need an iphone or android phone to use it.  doesn’t work any other way. i am a devout blackberry user, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon, so i have to use my boyfriend’s phone, which can be inconvenient, though he doesn’t mind at all.

i said i might keep the jawbone up. though this past week has been intruiging to see how active i am at work (very, by the way), and it does track better and more accurately than i do, so if i need to catch up, i can.  i am concerned about the number of people who commented on the durability of the jawbone up.  even my fellow yogi friend who loves his has had it replaced once already and he only had it for 4 months.  i am in the process of completely turnng my lifestyle around, in order to ensure a healthier future.  i need to eat better, sleep better, and be more active.  hopefully some weight loss will happen along the way. the jawbone up is a nice way to keep track but it has only been a week… will i keep this going?



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